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Biggs Kids

Our Biggs Kids program runs on the first Saturday of each month and engages children and families with new art concepts and activities. Each activity is unique to the gallery or exhibition and can be accessed by clicking on the associated image.

Out of the Vault: Contemporary Art

Learn about Abstract Art and shapes while you create your own abstract artwork.

Supplies: paper, scissors, and glue stick.

Tuskegee Airmen

Learn about the Tuskegee Airmen and build your own paper airplanes.

Supplies: Scissors and printable template

Salvador Dalí

Learn about the work of Salvador Dalí and create unique at-home collages of his works

Supplies: scissors, glue, paper, and printable template.

Complementary Colors

Curator Ryan Grover will teach Biggs Kids about the artist Salvador Dalí, while exploring surrealism and the use of complementary colors in his works. Children will learn how to use the color wheel to identify complementary colors to use in their own art work.

Supplies: markers and printable templates.

Supplies: markers and printable template.


Learn about perspective and vanishing points while exploring Dalí’s art.

Supplies: markers and printable template.

Foldable Creatures

Learn about surrealism while taking a look at the exhibition Stairway to Heaven by Salvador Dali, and showcasing works from Les Chants do Maldoror. Then follow along to learn a fun game to create a surrealism-inspired creature at home.

Supplies: pencils and printable template.

Supplies: white crayon, sugar or salt, washable markers, water, thick paper.

Sparkling Snowflakes

Miss Kristen will teach children about the strokes used in an impressionist painting of a winter scene hanging in the Biggs Gallery. Using that inspiration, children will follow along to create their own sparkling snowflakes artwork.

Supplies: washable markers, salt or sugar, white crayon, thick paper, and water.

Greek Revival

Learn about Greek culture, black figure drawing and mythology, including the story of the Pegasus, and learn a little about the about the Greek Revival Art Period Gallery at the Biggs.

Supplies: terracotta pots and sharpies.

Supplies: colored cardstock, scissors, glue.

American Landscapes

Explore the Hudson River School Gallery with Miss Kristen and become inspired to create a cut – paper activity of the beautiful American landscape.

Supplies: colored cardstock, scissors, and glue.

Supplies: markers/crayons/colored pencils, scissors, glue, paper, and printable template.

Spooky Eyes

Join Miss Kristen in the Folk Art Gallery to color a Biggs Portrait with spooky eyes that follow you!

Supplies: Markers, scissors, glue, paper and printable templates.

Bride Lincoln Folk Art Federal

Supplies: paper, ruler, pencil, transparency sheet, and markers.

Drawing Home

Learn some of the techniques utilized by Jack Lewis, as demonstrated in our Delaware’s Hidden Gem exhibition. Then use supplies you have at home to apply these techniques and capture pictures of your neighborhood, just like Jack Lewis did.

Supplies: paper, markers, ruler, transparency sheet, and pencil.

Supplies: ribbons and pieces of wood OR paper.

Basket Weaving

Learn about different types of art created during the Gilded Age, using examples from the Biggs’ Collection. She will also guide children through steps to create a popular piece of utilitarian art, a basket! Tune in to learn the tips and tricks of basket weaving.

Supplies: ribbons and wood or paper.

Foldable Clocks

Learn a little more about the history of clocks at the Biggs, and make your very own foldable clock. Prepare your supplies: Scissors, Glue, Something to color with (crayons, pencils/, markers, etc.)

Supplies: markers, scissors, and printable template.