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Mission and Vision

Gallery 12-Federal


The Biggs Museum of American Art preserves, celebrates and advances the fine and decorative arts and encourages greater public engagement with the cultural heritage of Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region.


The Biggs Museum aspires to be one of the most prominent art museums in the Mid- Atlantic region—respected and valued for its collections and programs, and admired for the diversity and commitment of its audience. It will be a leading advocate for the importance of art and creativity in education and in the daily life of the community.


The Biggs Museum of American Art values and welcomes diversity and inclusivity in its hiring practices, governance, programming and engagement with the community. It is committed to welcoming everyone, regardless of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or identity, national origin or immigration status. It is devoted to expressing the power of creativity of all people without preference or bias and to celebrating diversity in all its activities.


The Biggs Museum of American Art is fully dedicated to inclusion as an integral part of who we are. As a non-profit board and staff who serve all of our community, we commit to carry forth this mission to educate and inspire the many beautiful people in the world. As we stand with you against racism, in a spirit of compassion and respect, we strive to be the best museum we can be.