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Event: Exploration of the Line of Beauty


Date: December 13
Time: 2 p.m.
Price: $10 not-yet members / $5 members (includes admission to feature exhibition)

The “Line of Beauty” is an expression termed by British artist and satirist, William Hogarth (1697-1764), in his 1753 treatise on aesthetics entitled The Analysis of Beauty.  Hogarth identified the visual dynamism that can be added to an artistic composition with contrasting serpentine lines popularized in European arts of the 17th and 18th centuries. Since then, many artists demonstrate sensuality, emotional expressiveness, physical transcendence and luxury through the S-shaped line. Biggs Museum Curator, Ryan Grover, traces the iconography of the “Line of Beauty” to Carson Zullinger’s work with the human figure during this lecture.

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