The Seine

Clarence Montfort Gihon (1871-1929)

c. 1923

Oil on canvas

Museum purchase

Clarence Montfort Gihon worked in the Post-Impressionist style. He was born in Philadelphia and trained in New York. Gihon later moved to Paris to study and stayed for 35 years. He regularly showed works at the Pennsylvania Academy, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Panama Pacific Exhibition and the Salon of the Societe Nationale des beaux Arts in Paris. Most notably, Gihon studied under William Merritt Chase and Kenyon C. Cox in New York. This work reflects the time Gihon spent in France and is one of a series of paintings in which Gihon depicted the famous Seine river in Paris.

For Further Thinking: On the Biggs Timeline, we feature a work by William Merritt Chase, who was an instructor of Gihon. Find this work on the Timeline and look closely at it in relation to this work by Gihon.

What do you see that is similar?

What do you see that is different?

Do you prefer one artist over another?