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Statements of Financial Position*
(June 30, 2019 and 2018)

Current Assets20192018
Cash and Cash Equivalents$763,309$582,857
Accounts Receivable$28,624$22,129
Prepaid Expenses$9,519$7,441
Total Current Assets$801,452$613,902
Non Current Assets
Non Current Investments$5,538,847$5,381,905
Equipment and Improvements
(Net of accumulated depreciation
of $543,226 and $476,359)
Total Non Current Assets$6,854,303$6,763,867
Total Assets$7,655,755$7,377,867
Current Liabilities20192018
Accounts Payable$18,639$19,994
Accrued Payroll$20,325$20,412
Deferred Revenue$3,715$26,050
Total Current Liabilities$42,679$66,456
Net Assets
Without Donor Restrictions$4,144,564$4,013,844
With Donor Restrictions$3,468,512$3,297,469
Total Net Assets$7,613,076$7,311,313
Total Liabilities & Net Assets$7,655,755$7,377,769
Reflects unaudited figures. Copies of audited financials will be available in early 2020.
Please call 302-674-2111 ext. 110 to request a copy.

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