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25 Field Trips for 25 Years

The results are in. National studies confirm what we see every day. Field trips affect kids in lower socioeconomic settings with triple and quadruple the impact compared to their peers with family resources who regularly visit museums. In our 25th year, the Biggs Museum has set the goal of serving field trips for 25 Title 1 schools throughout the state.

Just ask Jen Boland of the Campus Community School here in Dover how it impacts her students. “I can attest that these national studies are proven every time a child returns from the Biggs. I have mounting anecdotal evidence from students and parents alike that it ignites a spark. Now I’m working with the Biggs to track which students pursued more cultural experiences, how it affected their grades and eventually, we’ll find out if some followed their path into a career in the museum field!”

“The Biggs is proud to host hundreds of children each year from families in all strata of economic status. Given the proven leveraging impact on disadvantaged children, we decided to focus on them as a major component of our anniversary campaign.” offers Charlie Guerin.

When every dollar counts, it’s good to know what a handsome return this brings to the less fortunate children in our community.


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