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Rooted, Revived and Reinvented: Basketry in America

February 1 – April 28, 2019

Rooted, Revived, Reinvented: Basketry in America chronicles a history of American basketry from its origins in Native American, immigrant, and slave communities to its presence within the contemporary fine art world. Baskets convey meaning through the artists’ selection of materials; the techniques they use; and the colors, designs, patterns, and textures they employ. Historical baskets were rooted in local landscapes and shaped by cultural traditions. The rise of the industrial revolution and mass production at the end of the nineteenth century led basket makers to create works for new audiences and markets, including tourists, collectors and fine art museums. Today the story continues. Some contemporary artists seek to maintain and revive traditions practiced for centuries. Others combine age-old techniques with nontraditional materials to generate cultural commentary. Still others challenge viewers’ expectations by experimenting with form, materials, and scale. This exhibition is divided into 5 sections: Cultural Origins, New Basketry, Living Traditions, Basket as Vessel, and Beyond the Basket.

Traveling Africa: Citywide Black History Festival

February 1 – March 24, 2019

As part of Dover’s annual Citywide Black History Celebration, the Biggs Museum will examine the ways that Americans record and relate to Africa through tourism. This group exhibition includes travel photography of memorable moments on the continent, as well as the material culture that tourists in Kent County have collected to commemorate their adventures abroad.



Spirit Revealed: New Works by Aaron Paskins

May 3 – July 21, 2019

Aaron Paskins is a Dover sculptor who has been building a national and local reputation for imaginative, inspiring African figures and imagery using unexpected materials. The essence of Paskins’s sculptures capture the complexity of various indigenous tribes, executed with imagination and a touch of fantasy. Please join us as we celebrate his first one-person exhibition at the Biggs Museum.






Visualizing the Museum: ArtLane

May 3 – July 21, 2019

The Biggs invited the artist critique group exhibition club, ArtLane, to study the museum as a subject of their photographic art works and to each create a distinct series of images that reflect their own artistic points of view. Featured artists include: Elisabeth Bard, Pat Field, Carl Leck, Ray Magnani, Dain Simons, Heather Siple, Beth Trepper, and Rob Tuttle.



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