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Rebecca Raubacher: Drawings & Paintings

August 2 – October 20, 2019

Rebecca Raubacher’s depictions of human and animal figures emerge over time from a few simple marks layered onto a piece of paper. Without any specific person in mind, she carefully, but almost hypnotically, builds her faces and bodies with cross-hatched lines of a wide range of artistic media. At times, her characters reveal themselves fully formed from within a simple line drawing. At other times, and often much after she started a specific composition, complex personalities appear through veiled skins of layered drawings and paint to demonstrate psychological tensions and universal narratives.

Practically born with a pencil in her hand, Raubacher’s career in art began early with gallery representation in New York but her local celebrity grew as a Kent County gallery owner and advocate of regional talent. She then ran a successful design business developing products with her unique horse portraits for racing fans across the country. Relocating to Lewes, the artist has reinvested herself in painting full-time developing an enormous body of work that radiates the joy of her good fortune and personal accomplishments.

Drawings and Paintings is the first one-woman show of this artist at the Biggs Museum of American Art and is first and foremost a love letter to Raubacher’s unique drawing style. The exhibition and catalog then trace the evolution of the artist’s artistic technique with a deep dive into her recent work.

Across the Year 1900: Impressionist Paintings from the Biggs Collection

June 3 -September 1, 2019

Across the Year 1900 is an intense look at the wealth of paintings in the Biggs Museum’s collection from the 1880s to the 1920s. This impressive display involves nearly every major example of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist work in the museum.


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