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Current Exhibitions

Horses & Other Creatures

New Works by Rebecca Raubacher

“Lion”, Rebecca Raubacher

March 14 – July 7, 2024

Featuring the awe-inspiring new works by Delaware artist Rebecca Raubacher, with a focus on animals, this exhibition showcases how Raubacher’s signature large scale pieces capture the essence and beauty of these majestic creatures of land, sea, and air.

Raubacher’s artistic journey began with her education at the Maryland Institute of Art, where she graduated with a Certificate in Studio Fine Arts, with honors. She further honed her skills at Delaware State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Art Education, also with honors. Her talent and dedication did not go unnoticed, as she was awarded a Fellowship for Painting by the Delaware State Arts Council.

We invite you to join us at our spring exhibition, where you can immerse yourself in Raubacher’s breathtaking artwork. In addition to her large scale pieces, spontaneous sketches—recorded on the spot while observing fauna—offer insights into the artist’s creative process. Situating humans as part of the creature kingdom, the artist’s figurative work provides psychological tension and considers parallels between our own inner lives and those of animals.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Circle of Truth

“1”, Shane Guffogg, Circle of Truth Project


July 25  – September 22 , 2024

Circle of Truth is the visual equivalent of the childhood game where a message whispered in the ear of a first person, then relayed to a second person, a third, and so on until the original message becomes so mangled by its reinterpretation that by the time it arrives at its final understanding the words hardly bear any resemblance to the original.

This domino chain started with a source painting created by Circle of Truth co-curator Shane Guffogg, whose work was delivered anonymously, along with a blank canvas, to the second artist in “the Circle.” Each subsequent artist then received an identical package: the anonymously created previous artist’s painting, a blank canvas, and the instructions to find and paint their response to the “truth” that they saw in the first painting. This chain was repeated to some 49 artists over a period of nine years.

The resulting exhibition and accompanying catalogue provides a compelling insight into the creative process. The particular vision each artist brings to this Circle of Truth shows us just how differently we all see the world. Sequentially hung from the first painting, Shane Guffogg’s musing on the spatial ratio of “the golden mean” evolved to painting number 49 by Ed Ruscha who muses on an alternative truth with his work titled “In”.

This visual dialogue conducted by some of our leading contemporary artists could not be more relevant in a time when “fake news” has become the currency of the media. It raises questions of perception, integrity, authenticity and the state of ethical values in contemporary society. Perhaps we come away with the idea that “truth” itself is relative. Or perhaps the Circle of Truth asks us a series of larger questions such as: “What is our responsibility to preserve truth? How does the subtle erosion of our belief in “truth” affect us? The Circle of Truth asks us to join in the conversation and decide for ourselves where we stand.

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