Tea Set including Hot Water Urn, Teapots, Waste Bowl, and Covered Sugar Basin

General James Wolf (1779–1858) and James Kendall (1768–1808)

Wilmington, Delaware, ca. 1790–1800


Sewell C. Biggs bequest; 2004.206-.209

According to family tradition, this silver service commemorates the wedding of Amelia Theresa Stone to Evan Morris, which took place in 1807 in Wilmington, Delaware. However, the service bears the marks of two different silversmiths, and one of those marks appears in two different versions, suggesting that portions of the set were perhaps made years after the 1807 wedding. However long it took to accumulate this impressive service, the silversmiths matched the pieces with the same neoclassical decorations. These include an urn silhouette, urn finial, applied beading, and similar shield- and laurel-engraved decorations.