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Registrar/Collections Manager

Position: Registrar/Collections Manager
Full-time with Benefits

Job Summary
The Biggs Museum of American Art is seeking a full-time registrar/collections manager (35 hours per week) to professionalize its collections management, lending and cataloguing practices. In recent years, the museum has begun the process of accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums, expanding its exhibitions programming and digitizing its collection. The museum’s first professional registrar/collections manager will build on the strength of its existing records and protocols to surpass best practices and free the museum’s curator to pursue research projects and expand the museum’s interpretative plan.

About the Biggs Museum
The Biggs Museum of American Art is celebrating its 25 year anniversary with an ambitious calendar of exhibitions and public programs. The museum was founded by Sewell C. Biggs as a growing collection of American fine and decorative arts from 1700 to the present with a special emphasis on the Delmarva Peninsula and the Delaware Valley. The museum is arranged on a timeline basis over 25 galleries and hosts between 8-12 small to medium sized exhibitions annually along with a wide number of educational programs for children, families and adults. This intellectual content is shared with the public from a rage of dynamic platforms including print and digital marketing, web-based lesson plans and videos, engaging tours and publications, as well as outreach and touring projects.

Background of the collection and its records:
In the last 15 years, the collection begun by Sewell C. Biggs has doubled to nearly 3000 paintings, pieces of furniture, metal objects, sculptures, drawings, prints and photos. While basic records of the collection, including photography, have been maintained the collection needs to be inventoried, physical object records need to be updated and completed and the individual objects need to be numbered. The museum has also started synthesizing its records onto Past Perfect with the hope of sharing the museum’s resources on-line. New accessions are considered quarterly. The museum has an ambitious loan program with feature exhibitions and long-term loans both within and without the museum. While not directly under the responsibilities envisioned for the registrar, the museum also houses an institutional archives, art historical reference library and hands-on educational collection for public programming. The museum’s collection is in very good condition and most objects have already been treated in conservation.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Inventory the collection
• Complete permanent collection object files
• Perform basic object cataloguing on collection objects
• Data entry into Past Perfect
• Help with coordinating Collections Committee inventories
• Manage object photography as needed and edit photos for various needs
• Number collection objects appropriately to their medium and condition

• Coordinate packing and transport logistics for incoming and outgoing loans
• Condition reporting
• Helping to process juried competition entries and applications
• Modernizing forms/record keeping of the department
• Help courier/transport objects as needed
• Help monitor environmental conditions of collections on view and in storage
Experience Requirements:
• Proficiency with all Microsoft Office programs: word, excel, access, power point, outlook, outlook calendar, as well as Past Perfect.
• Object handling skills and ability to lift 20-30 pounds
• Detail oriented and able to manage a few projects simultaneously
• Able to work with and help to train interns and volunteers in registration practices
• Works well with collectors, collecting institutions and artists
• Undergraduate degree in collections management, art, art history, archival sciences, conservation or related field, MA preferred
• Good driving record required and courier/transport experience desired
• Familiarity with all collections management forms, ethics, and best practices
• Familiarity with photo rites and reproductions policies
• Familiarity with emergency preparedness for cultural institutions
• Occasional nights and weekend work may be necessary
• While not a priority of the position, the candidate should be willing to jump into a public program or help install an exhibition as needed
• May have some responsibilities with annual fund raising event, as needed
Working Conditions:
Congenial fast paced office and museum environment.

Time Commitment:
Full time (35 hr. per week) exempt position, periodic evening and week-end events.

Salary and Benefits:
Commensurate with experience and qualifications. Generous package of health, personal time off and retirement benefits.

Interested candidates: Please send all a resume and cover letter to Ryan Grover, The Sewell C. Biggs Curator of American Art, at

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